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Reply Very disappointed in your company views on the kneeling protest. they choose to insult the good people that protect and give their lives so these “men” can drop to their knees.

I personally would prefer these multimillionaires to go to Chicago and make the murder victims of the last year household names. They choice to divide and just not do a thing to really help all these people dying.

I have been a fan of NFL since I was in junior high.

I’m done with the NFL and with Papa John’s, and whoever else chooses to disrespect the sacrifices of the very small percentage of Americans who truly serve and protect this nation.

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It was a bit racist - not in a mean way though, but still racist. But it's not a middle class culture anymore, but a yob culture, a rowdy culture.

Looks like the kneelers will take you down with the NFL.Tagged as: papa johns corporate address, papa johns corporate headquarters, papa johns corporate office, papa johns corporate office address, papa johns corporate office email, papa johns corporate office fax, papa johns corporate office phone, papa johns headquarters, papa johns main office So, you support shamefulness of unpatriotic NFL players? We will NEVER, EVER, patronize your business EVER again. however, I have not purchased poppa john’s since Mr. They hire below sub par workers and allow their semi truck drivers to do what they want while driving these big rigs such as texting, talking on the phone, eating, smoking, drinking. Their truck drivers brag that lying on an application is the best way to get hired because Papa John’s doesn’t care.Schnatter made comments about minimum wage “costing a few more cents”?! I do care and would not want to work for this company or with their employees.Everyone has the right to protest, but not on my flag! There is more important things in life than your pizzas, like our military.Reply I am saddened by your back petaling of previous statements.

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